Three Innovative DIY Ideas By Using a Rope

If you are willing to have a personalized space by using natural techniques, trying these beautiful and creative ideas will surely come to the rescue.

The below-given ideas are budget-friendly and look beautiful at the same time. And the most important thing is that they are easy to make in some time only. So, get ready to learn the ropes;

Macramé Rope Curtain:

It is an easy and perfect way of using a doorway. It looks modern but has a shadow of rustic as well. It makes you feel warm but is airy at the same time.

Accessories needed:

 •Tension Rod

 •Masking Tape

 •A nylon rope with 400 feet with ¼ inch diamond braid

 •Scissors

How to make it?

1. At the beginning, choose the doorway where you want to have a curtain to be situated, and install the tension rod accordingly. 

2. You need to cut the rope into 18 strands, each with the height of 17 feet

3. Once you are done with cutting, tie two rope strands to a rod, and line them to make them four even-size strands.

4. Tie the rope on the rod by using a knot called “four-in-hand.” Let us find out how to make this knot; take two strands in each of your hands. Then make a cross and get one side on the other. Take the bottom strand at the center and wrap the top strand around the bottom one. Do it again and cross and cover the two strands over again. Pull it through the loop and then tighten them accurately.

5. For the making of the remaining strands, repeat steps number 3 and 4.

6. Now the actual interesting procedure starts, Make a square know just 3 inches below the base of the topmost knot. Take the very first part of the rope which is hanging. So, in all, there are now four strands we need to work on (The rope on the left side, one on the right and two strands situated at the middle. Make a strand position at the left side and take its strands which are underneath, in the middle and take it above the strand on its right side. Once you have done with this, try to pull the two anchor strands located at the center side and get it through the left-sided loop at the same time. You must move the strand on the right side which is below the two anchor strands located on its left side. Finish with the square knot and repeat the same procedure for the knots on the other side as well. Again, move the anchor strands on the rightmost side and above the strand on the left side. Pull the strand at the left side over the two remaining anchor strands and take it through the loop on it right most side. And tighten them a little bit.

7. Repeat the same procedure for every hanging section of the remaining ropes. Once you have completed with this step for the rest of the ropes, your every rope will have a macramé square knot.

8. After this, start making more rows with the macramé rows by tying the adjacent knots with each other. Start making the braids by keeping a distance of 3 inches from its top knot and make it from left to right. Do not tie first two strands on the left side, and make the macramé square knot by using the two strands situated on the right side of the first section and the left side, use first two knots of the second section.

9. Repeat step number 8 for the remaining sections of the hanging rope by making another row of the square knot.

10. Revise step no 6 to make the third row.

11. Revise step number 8 for the fourth row.

12. Revise step number 6 to make the fifth row.

13. Use the masking tape to make sure that your ropes do not move here and there spoiling your curtain. Make the ropes by cutting the tape as well.

14. Praise your handiwork.

Rope basket:

This type of basket is the one you will want to have from that boutique. But it is much better as you have made this on your own.

Accessories Required:

 •Glue Sticks

 •Scissors

 •Bucket for making the mold

 •Cotton piping

 •Hot glue gun

Procedure to follow;

1. Use the bottom part of the bucket. Use a 3-inch section and apply a thin layer of the glue and start winding more piping around the same. Utilize the bottom side of the bucket as your guide. Apply glue and coil it on every inch by keeping some distance, until the base becomes bigger than the actual bottom side of the bucket. (Note: do not forget that you are piping and gluing remaining piping sections and not the bucket section for it)

2. Once done, turn the bucket and start gluing and piping for the remaining section of the basket. Skip doing it for the remaining two top rows of the bucket.

3. Glue the end side of the rope for the handles and cut the rope as well.

4. Once it becomes dry, carefully remove the bucket, you can use some thinner and sturdy thing like a butter knife to separate it from the bucket.

5. Once done, your basket is ready, and you can fill it.

Hanging Rope Planter:

It requires lesser space but looks greener; this is a quite exciting project for sure.


 •1 terra-cotta saucer

 •3/8 inch strand jute and manila rope, each 8 feet longer

 •Coffee fitters-4

 •Metal ring of 4 inch

 •Boards-4, each with 7 ¼ by 7 ¼ by 3/4 inches

 •Sandpaper-finely gritted

 •Terra-cotta pots-4, each with a diameter of 4 inches

 •Masking tapes

 •Scissors

 •Plants-4

 •Plant wire

 •Jigsaw

 •Pencil

 •Drill

 •Ruler or measuring tape

Steps to follow;

1. Make a center point of each wood piece and use a protractor to draw a fine circle.

2. Then, make the four corners of the wood to make a drilling point, and the edge will be ¾ inches. Make a hole with the drilling machine on each corner and one as well at the center point.

3. Use the center point hole to cut the path with the help of jigsaw till the edge of the circle. With the help of the circle use it to carve it entirely. Repeat the same procedure for remaining wood pieces as well.

4.In order to remove any splinters, sand the board correctly.

5. You can avoid fraying of the rope by wrapping it the tape around the ends of the rope.

6. Make a knot on every end of the rope.

7. Use each wood piece to thread the rope from it, but not in the center point. In this way, you will make a bottom board.

8. After doing this, now start making another knot in the rope. Take a measurement from the wooden piece to tie a knot. Revise the same step for remaining pieces as well.

9. Again thread the rope with the help of drilled holes with the help of another board and gently slide the wooden piece till the knots.

10. For the remaining pieces, repeat step number 8 and 9.

11. Use the metal ring to push the gathered strands of the rope and fold them together. Then you can use plant wire by which you can hold a rope together.

12. Use the saucer to glue the bottom of the wooden piece. This will help you to catch the falling water droplets. Now it’s time when you can make your planter hanging.

13. Merely place the plants and pour them with some cold water. And can have one for you as well.

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